3333 Lethal Lizards


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In the distant future, a group of scientists discovered a new species of reptiles that showed remarkable intelligence and adaptability. They were named Lethal Lizards, and the researchers quickly realized that they could be trained for military purposes.

These apex predators were like nothing the world had ever seen. They were incredibly intelligent and had enhanced abilities such as speed, strength, and ferocity. However, the Lethal Lizards were too dangerous to mass-produce, and only 3333 were ever created.

Deployed in various conflicts, the Lethal Lizards were unstoppable forces on the battlefield. However, their high level of intelligence also made them unpredictable and difficult to control. There were times when they turned on their handlers, causing widespread destruction and chaos..




The Artist

Hi, my name is Mamoruhik, and I am a skilled pixel art artist and animator with over four years of experience. I have had the pleasure of working on several notable projects, including There is No Light, The Unliving, Stoneshard, Berserk Boy, among others. My passion for creating stunning visual art using the pixel medium has driven me to push the boundaries of what is possible



We have carefully selected the most exceptional NFT communities to join forces with us in collaboration. Our chosen communities share a passion for pixel art, and we recognise the similarities in our creative goals and vision. We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT space and bring innovative and breathtaking art to collectors and enthusiasts alike.



What is Lethal Lizards?

Lethal Lizards are a community-driven collection of 3333 PFPs, featuring high-quality pixel art created by Mamoruhik


What is the total supply?

The total supply of the collection is 3,333


Lizard List & Public Mint

  • Lizard List: 0.01 eth (2x per wallet) / 1 hour mint window

  • Public mint: 0.02 eth (3x per tx) / open until sold out
  • 4.

    Who can participate in the Public Mint?

    Yes, anyone can participate in the public mint!


    Will there be an instant reveal?

    Reveal will commence 12 hours after collection has sold out


    Mint date

  • Mint date: 20th April

  • Time: 4pm EST
  • @2023 Lethal Lizard